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Brugman Kitchens & Bathrooms in Rotterdam

Brugman kitchens & bathrooms

The familiar feeling of Brugman

"Strengthen the brand 'Brugman kitchens & bathrooms', position it consistently within various kitchen formulas. The Brugman brand values - reliable, helpful and sustainable - serve as the guiding principles throughout the entire customer journey. Naturally, we were eager to get started!



Brugman kitchens & bathrooms




Strategy, concept, content, video & social

"Every single day, I am delighted with my Brugman!


Quality kitchens and bathrooms, a high service level, feeling happy throughout the entire purchasing process, and being proud of the final result; buying a kitchen or bathroom is not something you do lightly. Brugman kitchens & bathrooms are synonymous with reliability, helpfulness and sustainability. With over 50 years of experience and 34 stores across the Netherlands. These values are at the heart of Brugman's new positioning.

The target audience in focus

The target audience of Brugman values certainty and prefers a well-known and trusted source. They lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and are socially conscious. Leisure and family time are central to their lives. We have captured these characteristics in an extensive image database. Our focus is on individuals aged 50 and above, both with and without children, as well as 35-year-olds and above, who allow themselves the quality they experienced in their childhood homes.

Het Brugman feeling... the rationale

Do you know that feeling? The wonderful sensation that everything fits perfectly. That your kitchen and bathroom are truly designed to suit you and your family. It is only natural for your kitchen to be the place where everyone gathers, eats and laughs. Your bathroom should welcome everyone with a relaxing sense of wellness. It is the ultimate Brugman feeling. Experience it for yourself so that you can say every day… Delighted with my Brugman!

"We cherish superb quality, responsible materials for people and planet and long-lasting relationships with our customers; across generations: we foster these values."

Continual communication:

In addition to the positioning and brand awareness efforts, we collaborate with Team Brugman to enhance brand recognition and run ongoing (in-store) promotions. This ensures that the brand remains visible throughout the year and with a retail calendar that utilizes various media channels.

Brugman TV Commercial

To reach our extensive target audience, we created non-spot billboards around the programs "Fout Maar Goud" (Wrong But Golden*) and "The Masked Singer". How do we translate these programs, focused on guilty pleasures, golden disco balls and mysterious singers, into the context of Brugman? We combined them with the feelgood Brugman feeling, right in your own kitchen and bathroom.

* Thisis a Dutchsayingwhichmeans that something might be unconventional, but it still turns out to be successful.

Brand DNA as starting point for personal and effective content

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